Why General Psychology?

In a word - flexibility. Our General Psychology program is designed to afford you the opportunity to follow your interests. Our core courses provide you with solid preparation in research methodology, developmental, clinical, and community psychology. Our faculty have diverse research and applied interests, so in developing your planned program of study you may work with one or more professors to tailor your course selection in the direction that you would like to go. For example, recent students have focused their programs and conducted research in many areas, including: cross-cultural studies, diversity issues, racial identity, problem gambling, sexual assault and witness credibility, neuropsychological functioning, seasonal affective disorder, trauma, psychological adjustment, developmental issues, and the impact of electronic media such as television and the Internet in our lives.

Work Settings of General Psychology Graduates:

General Psychology M.A. graduates often go on to doctoral programs, but many also work in a
wide variety of research and human service settings



Coursework at CCSU