The FYE-Toolkit



Self-Assessment of Preparedness for the Challenges of the
First Year Experience in College


1. Time Management: Finding time or using time effectively to get school work done

2. Academic Adjustment: Adapting to college classes, class work, and professors


3. Social Adjustment: Establishing/maintaining social relationships and/or feeling like you “fit in” socially

Welcome to the FYE Toolkit.  The Toolkit takes you through some areas in which first-semester students tend to experience difficulty or challenges.  It consists of (a) a self-assessment of preparedness for the difficulties and challenges, and (b) recommendations (based on your responses to the assessment questions) for how to increase your chances of success.

The assessment is completely self-directed; you can go through all of it or only parts of it.  It takes the form of a behavioral interview.  You will be presented with situations that students commonly face, and asked either how you have behaved in similar situations or how you would behave.  We provide several possible responses for you to choose from.  Each response has been evaluated by experts (including college faculty members and student affairs professionals) in terms of how effective it is for meeting the challenges of college.


You will receive immediate feedback on your responses.  The feedback will usually include suggestions for what you might do to get yourself more prepared.  Please be as accurate as you can in describing your own behavior; no one will see your responses except you, and the quality of the feedback you get depends on the accuracy of your responses.  But also keep in mind that this assessment tool is intended only as a rough guide to the areas in which you might want to try to strengthen yourself.  There’s no way to know all about you from these questions, and you are urged to speak to an advisor about any areas that concern you.

The assessment deals with three major types of challenges/difficulties that students face, and they are listed on the left.  Please click on one of them to begin the interview.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding the FYE-Toolkit please contact Prof. Jim Conway at

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