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Psychology 200: Learning & Memory, Fall 2005


Instructor: Dr. F. Donis Office: Room #012, Barnard Hall

Office hours: Tue & Thu 3:30-5:00 p.m., and Wed. 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Phone #: 832-3108 (office).  E-mail:

Texts: J. E. Mazur (2006). Learning and Behavior. Prentice-Hall: 6th Ed.

Course description: Introduction to theories, methods and research in the study of learning. In the learning portion of the course there will be an emphasis on the underlying mechanisms of behavior discovered in research that used animals as subjects, and on how these mechanisms can also explain human behavior. The memory portion of the course will consist of an overview of models of human memory.

Course requirements

The course is divided into three units, each one followed by a quiz.

                       Assignments in Mazur

Unit # 1:       From August 30       Ch. 2,3

                to October 4         Ch. 4,5

Tentative date for first Quiz. October 6


Unit # 2:       From October 11      Ch. 6,7

                to November 10       Ch. 8,9

         Additional  topics:   Stimulus Control and Behavioral Contrasts in Chapter 10

Tentative date for second Quiz. November 15


                      Assignments in Klatzky  (on reserve in Library)

Unit # 3:       From November 17     Ch. 1,2

                to December 8        Ch. 3,4

Date for third Quiz. December 8


In addition to the reading assignments, students are responsible for all material presented in class that is not in the texts. As a courtesy to your classmates, please refrain from side conversations while the lecture is in progress. Sixty five percent of your course grade will be based on the 2 highest quiz scores, and 35 percent on the final exam. The Final Exam will be cumulative.