Reinforcement Schedules Worksheet


In real life, continuous reinforcement schedules are rare.  Sometimes responses are reinforced, sometimes not.  Among the most important schedules of reinforcement are:  fixed ratio (FR), variable ratio (VR), fixed interval (FI), and Variable Interval (VI).  Identify the schedule in the examples below.

1.  buying state lottery tickets and winning.

2.  A hotel maid may take a 15-minute break only after having cleaned three rooms.

3.  watching and seeing shooting stars on a dark night.

4.  A teenager receives an allowance every Saturday.

5.  checking the front porch for a newspaper when the delivery person is extremely unpredictable.

6.  A professional baseball player gets a hit approximately every third time at bat.

7.  checking the oven to see if chocolate chip cookies are done, when baking time is known.

8.  A blueberry picker receives $1 after filling 3 pint boxes.

9.  A charitable organization makes an average of ten phone calls for every donation it receives.

10.  calling a garage mechanic to see if your car is fixed yet.

11.  A student's final grade improves one level for every three books reviews submitted.

12.  going to the cafeteria to see if the next meal is available.