Adult Development and Gerontology Laboratory
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Co-Directors: Carrie Andreoletti, Ph.D. and Marianne Fallon, Ph.D.

Carrie Andreoletti is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Central Connecticut State University. She earned her Ph.D. in social and developmental psychology from Brandeis University. Her research focuses on the content and consequences of age stereotypes as well as personality and emotion regulation across the lifespan.

Marianne Fallon is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Central Connecticut State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on learning, memory, and language development across the lifespan.


What do we study?

Learning and Memory. Many older adults report difficulty remembering new information. Currently, we are examining which conditions foster better learning and memory in older adults. In some studies, you may hear or read lists of numbers or letters and recall them aloud. In other studies, you may listen to speech or a series of tones and determine whether you recognize certain patterns.

Language. Despite declines in hearing, older adults demonstrate impressive language skills. We are interested in examining the conditions under which older adults experience difficulty comprehending speech. In a typical study, you may hear rapid speech or complex speech and be asked to recall what you have heard. In some cases, you may have the opportunity to control the rate at which you hear the speech.

Emotion. Research has shown that as people get older they are better able to regulate emotions. We are currently investigating whether this contributes to older adultsí ability to predict their emotional reactions to future events, which may have implications for maintaining well-being into old age. In some studies, you may be asked to predict your reactions to photographs that vary in their emotional content. In other studies, you may be asked to think about how you would react to various hypothetical situations.

What is involved?

Most of our studies are conducted in the Adult Development and Gerontology Lab on the CCSU campus. Our lab offers a welcoming environment in which to study psychological phenomena. A typical visit to our lab lasts about an hour. You will have the opportunity to participate in a study and learn about our recent findings. We will provide specific instructions for each study during your visit, and you are more than welcome to ask questions. To thank you for your time and effort, we offer a modest monetary token.

How do I volunteer?

If you are interested in becoming participating and becoming a member of our participant pool, please call the lab at 860-832-3127 or you can contact Dr. Carrie Andreoletti (860-832-1646, or Dr. Marianne Fallon (860-832-3181,

We will add you to our participant pool and call you when we are scheduling appointments. When we call, we will describe the study and ask if you would like to participate. You always have the right to refuse to participate in a study for any reason. Once we schedule your appointment, you will receive a confirmation letter containing your appointment date and time, directions to the lab, and parking information.

Students interested in working in the lab as research assistants should contact Dr. Andreoletti or Dr. Fallon directly.