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Representative Publications:

Mate-Kole, C., Fellows, R. Said, P. McDougal, J., Catayong, C., & Dang, V. (2007). Use of Computer Assisted and Interactive Cognitive Training Programs with Moderate to Severely Demented Individuals:  A Preliminary Study. Aging and Mental Health, 11, (5), 485-495.

Joseph, W.,  Mate-Kole, C, Conway, J., &  Donis, F. (2006). The psychometric properties of the Symptom Checklist Among Individuals of African Descent.  Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, 30:2; 146-160.

Croasdale, A. &  Mate-Kole, C. (2006).  Racial Identity and psychopathology among African American Drug Users.  Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, 30:2; 68-88.

Schroeder, R., Danquah, S., &  Mate-Kole, C. (2003). Therapeutic significance of widowhood rites among the Ashanti of Ghana. In Azibo, A.A. (Ed.), African-Centered Psychology. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, pp. 145 –153. 

Connolly, J.,  Mate-Kole, C.  & Joyce, B.  (1999).  Innovative Assessment of Patients with Global Aphasia. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 80, 1309 - 1315.

Phillips, N. & Mate-Kole, C. (1997). Cognitive Deficits in Peripheral Vascular Disease: A comparison of Mild Stroke Patient and Normal Control Subjects. Stroke, 28:4, 777-784.

Michalon M., Eskes, G., Mate-Kole, C. (1997). Neuropsychological Function in Seasonal Affective Disorder. Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, 22:1, 19-28.

Mate-Kole, C., Danquah, S., Twum, M. & Danquah, A. (1999). Evaluation of outcome Following non-aversive Behavior Intervention and Mutual Goal setting in Intellectually Impaired Individuals using Goal Attainment Scaling. Nursing Research, 48, 220 – 225.

Ingles, J., Mate - Kole, C., Connolly, J. (1996). Evidence for Multiple routes in a case of fluent Aphasia. Cortex, 32, 199-219.

Mate - Kole, C.,  Freschi, M., Robin, A.  (1990).  A controlled study of psychological and social change in selected male transsexuals. British Journal of Psychiatry, 157, 261 - 264.

Voted outstanding paper in its field by the Editorial Board of the Clinical Digest Series. 

Recent Representative Published Abstracts:

Wood, R.M. & Mate-Kole, C. (2008). Explicit Processing of Nonwords in Two Patients with Deep Dyslexia. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 14, Suppl. 2, 99.

Mate-Kole, C. C., Catayong, C., Bieu, R., Conway, J., & Wood, R. (2007).  An examination of the psychometric properties of the Revised Quick Cognitive Screening Test (RQCST). The Canadian Journal of Geriatrics, 10 (3), 96-124. Abstract.

Bieu, R., Mate-Kole, C. C., Said, P., Gianesini, J., Fellows, R., & McDougal, J. (2007).  Efficacy of cognitive training intervention programs in patients with dementia.  The Canadian Journal of Geriatrics, 10 (3), 96-124. Abstract


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