Have you ever thought about being an

undergraduate or graduate

research assistant?


1. Research experience (helpful for getting into graduate school and may be listed for work experience).       

2. A letter of reference from a professor who has worked with you and knows you and your abilities personally.                                                                       

3. The opportunity to explore different aspects and areas of psychology and/or a particular topic of interest.

4. Possibility of co-authoring a presentation or a paper.

Special emphasis on an opportunity to present/author on a poster at a professional regional, national, or international research symposium/conference.

If you are interested in working with me as a research assistant, either for credit or on a volunteer basis, please send me an e-mail outlining your interest in working with me, what you hope to gain from the experience, and whether you are interested in working for credit or on a volunteer basis.  I will contact you as soon as possible.


Research Interests:

My research interests involve the use of theory and method in assessing aspects of culture and diversity. Recent research that I have conducted in this area has examined differences in attitudinal perceptions in North and South America and the reasons for these differences. I have also worked with researchers from Russia, China, Zimbabwe, and Ghana. A new research topic will explore the relationship between perceived threats from out-group members and cognitive biases.  Other research interests of mine include gender roles, and political psychology.


Current Research Projects:

Mealy, M. & Fallon, M. (Study Design) The effect of comedy on implicit bias. Central Connecticut State University.

Mealy, M. & Mutepfa, M. (Data Collection). Reverence for Mothers in African American and Zimbabwean Populations.  Central Connecticut State University.

Mealy, M. & Mutepfa, M. (Data Collection). Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Friendship.  Central Connecticut State University.

Mealy, M. (Data Analysis).  Outcome evaluation of diversity awareness program for undergraduate students.  Central Connecticut State University.

Selected Scales:

Mother Reverence Scale
Maternal Power Scale
Uncertainty Avoidance Scale
Gender Differentiation Scale
Perceived Lie Acceptability Rating Scale (PLARS)


Dissertation Advisor:
Walter G. Stephan