Mother Reverence Scale

Please indicate to what degree you agree or disagree with the following statements.

A = strongly agree    B = disagree    C = somewhat disagree    D = somewhat agree    E = agree    F = strongly agree

  1. I admire my mother more than anyone else. (respect)
  2. I occasionally say something bad about my mother to other people. (respect – reverse score)
  3. I do not take my mother’s opinion into account when making decisions. (respect – reverse score)
  4. I am in awe of my mother. (respect)
  5. I do not respect my mother very much. (respect – reverse score)
  6. In my eyes, my mother can do no wrong. (respect)
  7. I am frequently rude to my mother. (respect – reverse score)
  8. I think very highly of my mother. (respect)
  9. If my mother wants my respect, she must earn it. (respect – reverse score)
  10. I am very devoted to my mother. (devotion)
  11. I treasure my mother. (devotion)
  12. I do not love my mother as much as I love other people in my life. (devotion – reverse score)
  13. I am always grateful to my mother for what she did for me. (devotion)
  14. I would hesitate to say I adore my mother.  (devotion – reverse score)
  15. I do not enjoy being in my mother’s presence. (devotion – reverse score)
  16. I never want to live far away from my mother. (devotion)
  17. I do not feel the need to have a close relationship with my mother. (devotion – reverse score)
  18. My mother is the most important person in my life. (devotion)
  19. I feel that I value my mother in every way possible. (devotion)

Mealy, M., Stephan, W. and Abalakina-Paap, M. (2006).  Reverence for Mothers in Ecuadorian and Euro-American Culture.  Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.  37(4): 465-484.