November 2001, Volume 6, Issue 2

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Welcome to the PsychNotes Website!!

PsychNotes, a regular publication of the Psychology Department at Central Connecticut State University, is intended to inform members of the Psychology community (faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni) about current happenings in the Department.

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As chair of the Psychology Department, I hope that this semester is going well for faculty, students and staff.  I am available in the chair’s office, Room 212-Marcus White Hall.  Phone: (860) 832-3108. E-mail: donis@ccsu.edu

Faculty News

Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Laura Bowman was selected to the Honor Roll in this year’s Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Moises Salinas was one of the finalists in this year’ Excellence in Teaching Award.

Student/Faculty Events and Issues

Registration for Spring 2002 Semester

The following is the registration schedule for the Spring 2002 Semester:

Monday, November 5                 Graduate Students 
Tuesday, November 6                 Seniors
Thursday, November 8            Juniors
Monday, November 12            Sophomores
Wednesday, November 14            Freshmen

Please make sure that you have seen your academic advisor before registering.

If you do not yet have an academic advisor, see the secretary in Room 213 – Marcus White – to be assigned one

Psychology Department

The Psychology Department is sponsoring a program entitled:

How to get into Graduate School

Thursday, November 8th

5:00 pm

Vance 105

Dr. Bill Disch from the Psychology Department will present current information about:

¨         Types of Graduate Programs

¨            Applications and deadlines

¨         GRE’s and on-line strategies

¨         Letters of recommendation and the rest of the application packet

Other psychology faculty will be available to answer questions
This program may also be useful for non-psychology majors

Psychology Club

All Psychology majors are encouraged to join the Psychology Club.  The club meets several times each semester, and sponsors a number of events such as speakers and an annual trip to a psychology conference.  The President of the Psychology Club is Liz Ferreira (e-mail is Gidget1280@aol.com).  The Faculty Advisor to the club is Dr. James Conway (Marcus White 215, 832-3107, or conwayj@ccsu.edu).

Psi Chi

Psychology Majors are invited to join Psi Chi – The National Honor Society in Psychology.  The purpose of Psi Chi is to encourage excellence in scholarship of the individual members, and to advance the science of psychology.  We have had a chapter of Psi Chi at CCSU for over 30 years.  The criteria for joining are:

·          Each candidate must have completed at least 12 semester hours in Psychology including Psychology 221 (Research Methods I)

·          The candidate must have an overall GPA of 3.25 and a GPA in Psychology courses of 3.5.

Dr. Horowitz is the advisor for the CCSU chapter of Psi Chi. For further information contact him:

Office:            Barnard 014
         Phone:            (860) 832-3119
         E-mail:            Horowitz@ccsu.edu
            Mail:  Psychology main office in Marcus White (second floor).

Francisco Donis, Chair
Psychology Department

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